Two long days I had to wait until today my new lens – the M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 60mm f2.8 Macro * – was delivered. After the quick unboxing, I took a few test shots in the vanishing evening light.

Unboxing the M.ZUIKODIGITAL ED 60mm f2.8 Macro – my first impression

The lens is quite small and light, but it anyway feels like a solid piece of equipment. The aperture ring is buttery smooth, the display shows the focus distance, and the extra switch let’s you choose the desired focus range. The autofocus works quicker when the appropriate range is selected. The additional lens hood is pushed to the front to use it. When pulled back, it protects the aperture ring. I’m not sure, if I like this feature, because I am used to walk around with my camera in the bag and the lens cap stored away, while the lens hood protects the front element from any scratches.

Photographing with this macro beast

The pictures below are definetely no masterpieces, but the what I saw made me happy: A level of detail, I didn’t see from any of my other lenses. I will update the pictures here as soon as I get the chance for an extended test with the M.ZUIKODIGITAL ED 60mm f2.8 Macro *. So stay tuned!

UPDATE: I spent some hours outside crawling with the creepies and added the results to the gallery: MACRO GALLERY

Two notes on why I bought this lense:

  1. As you can see in my galleries, I enjoy macro photography and this lens seems to be a superb choice for this. Bonus: It’s also very good for portraits!
  2. There is an Olympus Cashback action, which saved me 75 € (until 31st of July 2018).

Please note: The lense hood is not included with the lens. If you think you’ll need it, here* is the link.

Not sure how this lens works with your camera? Try to find the combination on They are collecting pictures from pages like 500px and flickr for a given combination of camera body and lens to give you an idea about the possibilities of the system. Furthermore, you see what other people create with the lenses, which can be very inspiring.

  • sharp images

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